wet dreaming at 52Hz @ imagetanz 2019 / brut Wien
to Mar 17

wet dreaming at 52Hz @ imagetanz 2019 / brut Wien

  • brut im Atelier Augarten – Raum 3 (map)
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Wet dreaming at 52Hz guides us under the surface into an audio-visual ocean of whale intelligence. In his performance, Alex Franz Zehetbauer examines the complex emotional and auditory consciousness of whales and translates their ancient form of long-distance communication into the performance space. Submerged in a large tank, Alex composes live vocals in the form of sonic holograms that break at the audience’s feet in spiralic waves. wet dreaming at 52Hz confronts anthropocentric and patriarchal ideas of intelligence through the embodiment of a whale’s way of experiencing the world.

Whales have been around for a long time. Their brains have had more time to evolve than ours and this evolution has occurred in an environment with few natural predators. Perhaps, because of this, whale’s intelligence is focused on the complexities of interpersonal relationships, emotional honesty, free eroticism, serene playfulness and an agile entry into states we might call psychedelic.

Wet dreaming at 52Hz translates the science of the whale experience into the abstract. With this performance, Alex searches for what it would mean to have the mind of a whale or to perform in a room full of whale-minded people. How does it feel to perceive sound as a material entity? What would it be like if we could all see each others internal body state through sonar? And above all: What might the world look like if we were all a little more cetacean?

Concept & Performance Alex Franz Zehetbauer Artistic Advice & Support Claire Lefèvre Outside Eye Veza Fernández Light David Lang Production Sophie Schmeiser & Eva Holzinger

A coproduction of Brut Wien and Alex Franz Zehetbauer

With the kind support of the City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs, ImPulsTanz — Vienna International Dance Festival and Arbeitsplatz Wien Special thanks to Evening Hours NY, INK Initiative, Robyn/Hugo Le Brigand, Wilhelmina Zehetbauer, Alex Siebenstern, Sandra Morell, and Martín Minghetti

PR image: Alex Franz Zehetbauer/Johanna Nielson, Whale drawing © Tim Jeffs Art

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Welcome to the Fisch-Haus
to Nov 15

Welcome to the Fisch-Haus

Four mesmerizing mermaids invite you to the depth of their cabaret, a place where they distract themselves from the agonizing length of their aquatic life span. Witness their daily routine and see how they entertain, seduce and serenade each other, as well their drowned lovers and other occasional guests like you - Dear Audience.  

In this show performers explore what it means to be in-between. By using the mermaid as a symbol for a body that is always two things at once they navigate dualities, floating endlessly between sea and land, becoming human and animal, and spending their time undertaken by both reality and magic. 

Premiere: November 8th 2018 8pm Studio Brut (Zieglergasse 25)

Additional shows on the 8th 10th 13th 14th and 15th of November.

A piece by Claire Lefèvre with Alex Franz Zehetbauer, Robyn/Hugo Le Brigand, Veza Fernandez and Zosia Holubowska.

Dramaturgy: Andrea Salzmann

Production: Sophie Schmeiser and Eva Holzinger

A co-production of Brut Wien and Himalaya Project.

With the support of Wien Kultur, BKA, Im_Flieger and De Figuranten. Thanks to the Haus des Meeres.

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i whaley like you
to Sep 16

i whaley like you

An exhibition of photography, video art, and sonic holograms born of a practice called “aquatic yodeling”.

Alex’s underwater photographs and film art generate a landscape of vibrant imagery that transform the gallery space into an oceanic portal. His live performance explores the whale perspective on empathy, care, communication and auditory consciousness. Whales perceive sounds as complex wholes, rather than a series of noises. Through this lens a collection of sounds become a sort of painting, an image, a whole story.


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Sonic Contact
12:00 AM00:00

Sonic Contact

Sonic Contact is a laboratory of the voice, exploring the expansive possibilities of embodied voice as a language and ingredient in contemporary performance. In this laboratory we will research and develop a collaborative form of embodied vocal improvisation in which the voice is the prime initiator, but the body is not left behind and points of sonic contact provide the starting point for vocal improvisation and exploration.

Guided by Veza María Fernández Ramos and Alex Franz Zehetbauer

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